Behavior Rules

Behavior Rules Governing Cathlamet Library


Cathlamet Public Library is committed to providing all Library visitors with quality service in a safe and pleasant atmosphere. The “Basic Rule” of customer conduct, therefore, is that Library visitors are expected to refrain form any conduct that interferes with the business of the Library, unduly disrupts the Library activities of other visitors, or creates a risk to public health or safety.

Any person who violates these rules will be excluded from the Library and lose Library privileges for a period of up to one-year based on the severity of the infraction:

  1. Engaging in conduct that disrupts or interferes with the normal operation of the Library, or disturbs Library staff, volunteers or customers, including, but not limited to:
  1. Unreasonable noise, loud or boisterous behavior,
  2. Use of abusive or threatening language and/ or jesters,
  3. Soliciting, petitioning, distributing written materials or canvasing inside the Library.
  1. Failure to follow the reasonable direction of the Library staff.
  1. Minors eight-years-old and younger must be actively supervised by an adult.

Repeat Offenses

Individuals who repeatedly violate these “Behavior Rules” after having been previously excluded from the Library may face exclusion longer than one-year.



Adopted 06.30.08

Amended 03.05.20

Amended 03.07.24


Cathlamet Public Library Board of Trustees


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